Eyemotionview Is A Family Run Agency That Creates Fun, Fresh, Unique Videos That Engage With Your Audience

We met each other in Italy over 10 years ago and got married in 2013. We then realised we have a lot in common such as travelling, food, music, photography, videography e.t.c. 

After we moved to the UK in 2014, our common interest became our passion; it was this passion that gingered us to start creating videos of our adventures abroad and shared them with our friends and family, we also had opportunity of helping a couple of friends to create videos that advertises their businesses.  The whole process was fun, and we were happy our creativity yields a good result for the product and services we promoted with our video adverts. That was how our passion and creativity for video making and editing turned into a big reality and became something we do for the public!

Eyemotionview is an established, family owned and full-service digital agency based in the Grove, Oxfordshire. We have been highly praised for our authentic and creative ideas that have helped a lot of clients.

As professionals we deliver a wide range of market leading services, ranging from video production and promotion, unique videos, video editing, business promotional videos, local business videos, property videos, to drone photography, aerial photography, aerial property photography, event photography, photo editing, as well as local business photos. 

It is obvious that the property market is highly saturated, and this explains why sellers need to ensure their property stands out. Using Eyemotionview video services will help you achieve this by using property video to cinematically showcase your property and expose your properties to the world in a fantastic and modern way. 

We are unique and creative professional film and photo makers, and our aim has always been to produce unique video and photos that will showcase your property and business to the world. We are staffed by highly experienced Video and Photographers who are regarded as the best when it comes to filming property and creating promotional videos.


We take your photos or videos, edit and transform them into a high-quality video that will move your products and services the next level. 


Alex, master in video and photo editing has been growing the passion since he was 16 years old, he never stops learning and will continually provide you with unique material

Silvia, the scientist in love with photography, is the eye behind the DSRL camera always ready to get you a remarkable picture

Secret behind the name Eyemotionview

Silvia received her wedding proposal in her favourite city London, on the London Eye, it was such a powerful emotion and the view at the peak was phenomenal. So… it was quite easy... London Eye, Emotion, the View… mash them together and you get our name Eyemotionview.

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