Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) operators holding a valid CAA permission

Aerial Photography




At eyemotionview we have all the experience and equipment needed to deliver high quality aerial photography and video results for your project with recent technological advancement in the Drone sector, and the ability to capture stunning photos and video from totally unique point of view...."Breathtaking". Whether it is a video promotion, business promotional video, property video, aerial photography, aerial property photography, event photography, video production or a promotional video creation the ability to capture eye-catching aerial images has never been easier or more affordable. Using the aerial photography you can easily capture stunning photographs from unique angles that will help in making your business stand out from the crowd. Whether images are required for any purpose process has become so easy and affordable.

Along with all these factors we are a competent team and we work with updated equipment. Our experience makes us deliver new insights to fulfill all your photography needs.


We strive to get the perfect shot for you. Our years of experience and expertise ensure to achieve new dynamics of drone filming and drone photography possibilities. 

Filming service:

Utilizing our experience and expertise, we can help push your creative direction to achieve new, dynamic visions within your product idea.


With our experience we make sure to provide you with on ground and air stunning timelapse. 


With this innovative technology using specialized cameras and equipments we bring you stunning aerial photography and films at a highly competitive price. 

Aerial photographs have revolutionised the world of photography. Over the last few years a number of businesses have put aerial photography to good use. 

Galešnjak |Croatia
Galešnjak |Croatia| EMV
Wayland's Smithy |England
Wayland's Smithy | England | EMV
Sconser |Scotland
Sconser | Scotland | EMV
Dauntsey |England
Dauntsey Church | England | EMV